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File Setup

Please build your file in CMYK. Preferably, black elements should be rendered at C:40 M:40 Y:25 K:95, as this combination has been shown to yield the richest black. Please convert all fonts to outlines/curves, or be sure to include fonts in the file package.

  • Black Elements render at C:40 M:40 Y:25 K:95
  • Convert Fonts to outlines/curves
  • Include all fonts in the file package

File Scaling

The following guidelines are organized into vinyl and single sheet poster categories. Please note that within the dimensions, height is always the first number, and width the second (H × W). For all templates, 300 dpi is the minimum recommended resolution.

  • Vinyl and single sheet poster
  • Height x Width
  • 300 dpi Minimum

Vinyl Bulletins

The artwork for Vinyl bulletins should be set up at a 1":1' scale. At this scale, a resolution of 300 dpi is the minimum recommended for all files contained. Vinyl billboards with pole pockets typically require 6” bleed on all sides. If you supply artwork without bleed included, we will add it. However, if you do include bleed in your file, please indicate where with guidelines.

When cropping/placing an image in a design, it is helpful to leave some of the image outside the strict confines of the design’s boundaries. This will ensure a natural look as the image wraps around the billboard structure.

SSP (Single Sheet Poster)

The SSP template is set up at a 1”:1' scale. No bleed is required for SSPs. Our template accommodates the Lamar Retro System with gripper bars. At this scale, a resolution of 300 dpi is the minimum recommended for all files contained. Please allow a 1” border if accounting for pockets, making the overall size of the vinyl 126.5"h x 273.5”w.


Download SSP Spec Sheet

126.5" H x 273.5" W